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Winter Sports


Despite the lowland location of the Suwalki region, you can not complain about the lack of skiing conditions. The characteristic post-glacial relief of the terrain makes it ideal for organizing cross-country skiing or dog sled competitions. In addition, in Smolniki and Wiżajny there are ski lifts, and on Piękna Góra near Gołdap - also a snowy slope.


The area around Suwałki can also provide attractions in the winter. An unforgettable experience is a traditional sleigh ride in a beautiful winter scenery. The sound of bells, riding horses, creaking snow under the skids, a cold breeze of air ... And after the sleigh is over there is a dinner waiting straight from the fire.

Nurkowanie (1).jpg
Diving under the ice

Amateurs of strong impressions will probably be delighted with the possibility of taking an ice diving course. In winter, despite the low temperature, the water has its advantages, including excellent transparency due to the lack of algae. More on this subject can be found on the pages of the  Masurian Diving Center  and  the Diving Center CK Diver .

Ice fishing

Supporters of watching the ice sheet in a traditional way can spend time waiting quietly with a fishing rod for prey from the ice. Ice fishing is a very relaxing form of entertainment, and in the event of success, it gives a lot of satisfaction. There is no fear as to the strength of ice - already a ten-centimeter pane allows you to safely fish.


When the cold season of the ice breaks Masurian lakes it is worth going for ice-skating or ... for ice-boating. This winter sport has a long tradition, the sleds were slung in Suwałki Region even before the war. Another, the more modern form is also quite exciting and is called ice surfing.

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