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Water Trails


Czarna Hańcza is a great attraction, a great "hit" of the Suwałki Lake District. As the only river in Poland, it is a tributary of the Nemunas. Its sources are located north of the deepest lake in our country - Lake Hańcza. The canoe trail is about 50 km long and leads, among others, through the Wigry National Park, ending on the Augustów Canal.


The Rospuda River is also popular with Czarna Hańcza. Its canoe trail goes over 60km from Filipów to Augustów. On the way, you can visit the village of Dowspuda, where there is a souvenir of the last magnate of the land - Palace Pac - and where in the summer there is a Celtic culture festivities.

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Augustów lies among the forests of the Augustów Primeval Forest on the Netta River. Favorite by sailors and lovers of canoe tourism. From here you can swim almost anywhere, also in the vicinity of the famous Biebrza swamps - the only ones of this kind in the world. We can also take a picturesque canoeing trip by the Augustów Canal itself. It is a historic building, designed in 1823-26. Numerous locks were built here, and water bays on the banks.

The Papal Trail

Moments free from papal duties the Holy Father often spent on the water. Once, still as Karol Wojtyła, he took part in canoe trips in the Masurian waters. Today, on the Augustów Canal and nearby, he was sailing aboard the "Tryton" ship, from which he admired the beauty of nature and greeted the faithful gathered on the shores.

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