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About Hańcza Inn

Hańcza Inn is located in Suwałki, next to the Arkadia Lagoon. In addition to sunbathing and swimming in the lake, guests can take advantage of many sports facilities located both in the hotel and its surroundings. There are 200 beds in the facility, in single, double, and triple rooms. Each of them is equipped with a bathroom, TV, and telephone. There is a convenient parking lot for buses and trucks in the area adjacent to the building. Passenger cars can be left in garages. Hańcza Inn is a popular accommodation base for sports clubs and organized groups that hold training and training camps here. The area adjacent to the hotel is a well-known leisure center. In addition to the beach on the lagoon, there are basketball and volleyball courts, tennis courts, a gym, a sauna, a swimming pool, and everything that athletes need. There are many green areas around the building, which are perfect for walking. The comfortable conference room is intended for training, courses, and business meetings. Hotel guests can count on a number of attractions that are organized for them. You can take part in kayaking, go on a boat trip on the Augustów Canal, or on the Masurian lakes. Walking tours with a camera, the so-called "photo-safaris", are also popular. In the hotel restaurant, you can try dishes from practically all over the world.

The menu is very sophisticated and varied. Indeed, the most demanding customers will find something for themselves on the menu. The professional and courteous service of Hańcza Inn makes every effort to ensure that every guest leaves here fully satisfied with the standard of services provided and willingly returns here. The convenient location between Augustów and Lithuania makes this place a popular destination. An additional advantage of Hańcza Inn is favorable accommodation prices and the availability of all kinds of entertainment, especially sports. It is a perfect place for enthusiasts of active leisure.

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