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Pope Trail


In his journey to Suwałki Region, the Pope visited the sanctuary in Studzieniczna, where there is a miraculous painting of Our Lady of Studzieniczańska. This painting was crowned by the Polish Bishops in 1995. The name of the village comes from a well with water of healing properties, which was probably dug by Wincenty Morawski, a former colonel, later known in the area as a godly man, healer and herbalist. Studzieniczna is located just a few kilometers from Augustów, it can also be reached by waterway.


In 1999, the monastery was visited by John Paul II. For two days, the Pope rested in the privacy of the Wigry nature and took boat rides on the lake. Today you can see the rooms in which the Holy Father lived, and also go for a ride on Lake Wigry in the footsteps of the Pope. The monastery church is richly decorated with original altar in the shape of the letter "M".

The Papal Trail

Moments free from papal duties the Holy Father often spent on the water. Once, still as Karol Wojtyła, he took part in canoe trips on the Masurian lakes. Today, after the Augustów Canal and the surrounding waters, he swam aboard the "Tryton" ship, from which he admired the beauty of nature and greeted the faithful gathered on the shores.

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