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Religious Places


In his journey to Suwałki Region, the Pope visited the sanctuary in Studzieniczna, where there is a miraculous painting of Our Lady of Studzieniczańska. This painting was crowned by the Polish Bishops in 1995. The name of the village comes from a well with water of healing properties, which was probably dug by Wincenty Morawski, a former colonel, later known in the area as a godly man, healer and herbalist. Studzieniczna is located just a few kilometers from Augustów, it can also be reached by waterway.

sw lipka.jpg
Saint Lipka

The Church in Święta Lipka located near Kętrzyn is considered a masterpiece of Baroque architecture. There are historic, richly decorated church organs, worth admiring is also a hand-forged iron gate - a masterpiece of artistic blacksmithing. The church stands in the vicinity of the forests in the place where once a miraculous figure of the Mother of God was found on July - hence the name of the village. Saint Lipka is visited by numerous pilgrimages, and fair festivities are accompanied by fairs of folk Masurian art.

Sharp Gate

Every year, the faithful make pilgrimages to the chapel in Ostra Brama at the Holy Church. Teresa in Vilnius. The picture of Our Lady the Merciful, known as Ostrobramska, was crowned in 1927. by Cardinal Kakowski. The coronation was attended by Marshal Józef Piłsudski and President Ignacy Mościcki. The painting itself is much older, from the beginning of the seventeenth century. It was painted by an unknown artist on oak planks. Later decorations, including the characteristic silver crescent, are votive offerings of thanksgiving.

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