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Hunting Grounds


The Suwałki region was famous for its forests already in the fifteenth century, Lithuanian princes and Polish kings willingly came here for fishing. Today, in this area you can meet both big game and small animals and game birds. They are usually hunted by elks, wild boars, roe deers, deer, hares, as well as foxes, badgers, raccoon dogs and wild geese, mallards, and partridges.

The hunting grounds of the Suwałki area cover over 320,000 ha, of which 125,000 ha belong to forests. This area is divided into 57 hunting districts: 46 of these circuits belong to hunting clubs, and the remaining 11 are designated as separate circuits in the Augustowska Primeval Forest and are managed by the Regional Directorate of State Forests in Bialystok.

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